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Our Mission

Our passion is in the bottle, not on the label. Black Patch Distilling Company yearns to create a whiskey rebellion. We are the working-class whiskey. American Made, Combat-Veteran Owned. We promise to always present you with our best.

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Our Logo

The warfighter helmet is a testament to all the hard-working individuals who shape our world on a daily basis. Hard-work as defined by our first responders and military. The spears represent the attacking spirit to consistently pierce through new challenges and obstacles. The 22 stars in our standard which represent our home state of Alabama.


Our Name

In 2008, Master Distiller Gary Cooper’s son Clayton was severely injured during a night raid. Clayton's Task Force Unit wore sterile uniforms and a single black patch. Gary choose to name his distillery, Black Patch Distilling Company in honor of his son’s service. The black patch defines us. It is not sexy or overly-dramatic...just pure, simple and hard-working.


our stable of spirits


Bourbon whiskey

Bourbon | 90 Proof | 750 ML

The one that started it all! Matured in handcrafted barrels and then mellowed a second time through our Black Patch Process, our passion is in the bottle, not on the label. The seasons don’t tell us when our bourbon is ready. We only release our bourbon into the wild when our bourbon reaches the perfect taste, look, and smell.

“I designed this recipe while my son was on his first combat deployment. Although my son lost his leg after being seriously wounded in combat, he helped me perfect this recipe and it has remained unchanged for over a decade” - Gary J. Cooper



RYE whiskey

Rye | 90 Proof | 750 ML

Our 95% rye whiskey recipe is first aged for over two years in 53 gallon barrels. We then mature in smaller barrels with a heavy char to bring out the complex spicy and smooth rye notes great for easy sippin’. This rye might be spicy, but not as spicy as your date after a Rye Manhattan made with our whiskey.

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High Explosive Anti-Tank

Cinnamon whiskey | 70 Proof | 750 ML

This isn’t your ordinary over-marketed and “standard” cinnamon whiskey. H.E.A.T. is made with aged Canadian Whiskey and our own hand-made cinnamon candy. The Canadian Whiskey allows Black Patch to bring out the sweetness of our cinnamon candy without adding any artificial sweeteners like all the other bland brands. Your taste buds will recognize the difference between our cinnamon whiskey and the hard-work and dedication needed to make over he hard work and dedication needed to make or handmade candy that goes into each bottle

BPDC Cinnamon-bottle.jpg



Agave Flavored Whiskey | 70 Proof | 750 ML



Orale : Platinum

Blue Agave Spirit | 80 PROOF | 750 ML

Originally from South Texas, Master Distiller Gary Cooper was determined to make the highest quality blue agave spirits that he found in Mexico. Instead of buying the overpriced, second-Hand tequilas which are imported into the United States, Gary’s Blue Agave recipe comes from the highest quality Blue Agave nectar from Mexico.  Made from 100% Premium Mexican Blue Agave, Órale Platinum is the finest agave spirit you will ever taste. 

 One sip and you will have to yell “Órale!”  

BPDC orale-bottle.jpg


Orale  Reposado

Blue Agave Spirit | 80 PROOF | 750 ML

Just like our Órale Platinum but aged in whiskey barrels. Gary’s Blue Agave recipe comes from the highest quality Blue Agave nectar from Mexico.  Made from 100% Premium Mexican Blue Agave, 

 One sip and you will have to yell “Órale!”  

BPDC orale-reposadobottle.jpg


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